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Our services

    • Geriatric dentistry
    • Prophylaxe
    • Professional tooth cleansing
    • Naturopathy
    • Gently pain treatment
    • Laser treatment
    • Nutrition consultation
    • X-ray
    • Root treatment
    • Children tooth medicine
    • Implantology
    • Function Therapie
    • Cerec treatment
    • Veneers

We stand for

Modern technology

The most modern technologies like digital X-ray, computer controlled restoration like coronas and inlays made out all-ceramic ( Cerec 3D), laser treatment in all disciplines of tooth medicine or the newest computer controlled Chinese meridian diagnose for the holistic treatment with homeopathy and acupuncture, show the assortment of our dental clinic in Munich

Painless treatment

Furthermore we supply our patients with implant-OP’s, if necessary also with anaesthesia team, and the appropriate holistic tested dentures. But also we have the newest medical equipment for eventually necessary root and pardontose treatment, which promises a high quality standard. In addition to that we oder our patients a micro chip controlled injection System. It’s very painless and well compatible, so that the fear of the syringe gets minimised. With the help of our new laser scanner, caries can now be detected painless, even between teeth (Diagnodent KaVo).


As a holistic orientated clinic we advise older patients in time, comprehensive and develop together with them a treatment plan, which is fitted exactly to your necessities and ensures you oral comfort and aesthetic. In our clinic the older patients learns, how to prevent through an age-appropriate mouth and prosthesis hygiene the above listed dangers actively, and obtain the joy at eating and living. With a mobile entity we also provide our patients at home.


The most important treatment and enlightenment requirements in our opinion, are in preventive therapy / dentistry, in form of professional tooth cleansing or just qualified consulting about mouth hygiene and nutrition.

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